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Book Title: Protection in Christ and Divine Immunity 

Author: Dr D. K. Olukoya

Year of Publication: January 2020

Publisher: Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International Headquarters

Number of Pages: 113

ISBN: 978-978-920-226-3

The Bible’s prophecies about the last days are all being fulfilled in our time.

Insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping and hostage taking, ritual killing and pestilences have all risen to unprecedented heights in all nations of the world. Ebola, HIV, Hantavirus, SARS and now COVID-19 have emerged as new threats to man’s survival, killing in thousands daily and unabated. Medical advances and the progress man recorded in science and technology have not succeeded in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic and its global life-wasting agenda. All these point to the fact that man desperately needs protection in Christ and divine immunity.

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, God’s Generalissimo and globally acclaimed doyen of prayer deliverance, offers timely and invaluable help to everyone who desires to survive in these perilous times. He stresses that the word of God is inerrant, quick and highly potent. It is the believer’s cure-all and palladium (effectual, defence, protection and safety). It is also called the sure word of prophecy that believers take heed of and become light in this present dark and evil world (2 Peter 1:19).

In Protection in Christ and Divine Immunity Prayers, Dr. Olukoya provides sure-fire strategies for believers to enjoy divine safety and protection from deadly pestilence and all forms of evil. The eye-opening and life-changing chapters in the ground-breaking book include: ‘Connecting to Divine Covering’, ‘Spiritual Defensive Strategies’, ‘Protection in Christ’, ‘Divine Immunity Prayers’, ‘Anti-Infirmity Missiles’.

A salient point in this book is that God has promised to keep His children safe from all forms of danger and calamity, infirmities and death. It stresses that the name and the blood of Jesus, if rightly applied, are guaranteed protection against any plague or attack of the enemy, be it spiritual or physical.

The book is unique in that it equips the believer to adopt the do-it-yourself approach in getting himself or herself connected to the divine covering (the wall of fire, the walls of the angels of God, the wall of the name of Jesus, the wall of His shadow, the wall of His wings, the wall of His presence, and the wall of the blood of Jesus). It also highlights the inestimable benefits that await every believer that connects to the divine covering.

Another outstanding feature of the book is that it provides 130 powerful and life-transforming confessions that guarantee safety, protection and preservation, as well as immunity from all life-threatening events, diseases and deaths. These confessions, when made with unwavering faith, will put the believer in the envelope of the fire of God’s protection and spare him from the agents of death, such as COVID-19 and other sinister factors. The book’s “Divine Immunity Prayers” are vomited by the Holy Ghost to vaccinate you from spiritual and physical viruses and diseases, while the anti-infirmity missiles are designed to ward off and kill all infirmities that the enemy may assign against your life.

This book is a spiritual warfare weapon every believer should possess and use in these dangerous times. You have to stop the enemy before he stops you. This book contains the strategies and weapons for you to deploy. When you do, no evil shall befall you and no plague shall come near your dwelling. More so, you and your household will be immune to pestilence and from death, in Jesus’ name.