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Prevailing Prayer: God can answer your prayer directly, God may answer prayer but the answer may be delayed and God can completely deny your request. When God is denying the answer to the prayer of His child, He has something in stock for the person. Prayer is a Science—It is either you are praying or not.

Why is it that prayer sometimes fails?

(1)when you are not praying to the right person.

(2)when you are not praying the right thing.

(3)when you do not know the right prayer to pray.

Characters in the Bible God denied their prayers. (1) Moses in Deut. 3:23-27  (2) Elijah in 1st Kings 19:1-4 (3) The rich man in Luke 16:23-31 (4) The man of Gadarenes  in Luke 8:31

Why is it that Prayers will not work? (1) Psalm 68:16 if you engage in sin, the prayer will not work. (2) Is. 59:1-2, Luke 12:3 –If you have unforgiving  spirit Mark 11:25-26 If  a man forsakes the true God 2nd Chronicles, if you are heart hardened Zech. 7:12 If you lack love and mercy Proverbs 21:13,  if you fail to thank God  Romans 1:21 and finally if you are not humble 2nd Chronicles 7:14

What are the ways out?

(1) Discipline yourself and let the flesh die

(2) Be an overcomer of the three enemies of prayer

(A) wandering spirit(lack of concentration)

(B) Interruption

(C) Feeling sleepy inside the Church

In conclusion: Be patient to listen when you are praying, Prayer is a 2-way communication and finally Be desperate in prayer.

Message delivered by Pastor Yemi Jesuraibi August 12th 2018