50 Words of Wisdom to Change Your Life–by Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Today, our world is replete with sayings that stem from human wisdom. Hence, they add little or nothingto improve the lot of people who hear or read them.
Wise words needed for direction and godly conduct are very hard to come by.
Anyone who stumbles on one is fortunate and someone who has 50 pieces of such godly wisdom has treasure.
This, then, is a compilation of 50 wise sayings that will serve as beacons to lighten your path. They are words of wisdom mined and distilled from the
treasure-room of God. They are inspired and Spirit-breathed for your edification, enlightenment and encouragement.
Read and apply them to your life, and you will experience the creative and fulfilling power of God.


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Dr D.K Olukoya


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