Dealing With Financial Issues In A Christian Marriage–by Pastor (Prof.) S. Ade Ojo

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In dealing with financial issues in a Christian Marriage, Pastor (Prof.) S. Ade Ojo opens your eyes and mind to know how biblical directives on marriage and money can be wisely seasoned with the life-changing principles of financial management to enable you evolve your own personal conjugal financial principles and practices to produce the revitalizing returns that will enable you enjoy the healthy and successful management of your finances.

This is the secret that the book unravels to help you turn around your marriage into a pleasurable, fulfilling, love-inundated and peace-promoting experience through which would be realised, the divine, social and existential purposes of marriage as well as your personal expectations from your marriage.

This is the book of the hour, which is divinely anointed to save any unhealthy and troubled marriage from continued distress, unending crises and total collapse and also energise successful marriage with the spiritual tonic that will promote it to a higher level of success and fulfilment.


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