Drawers of Powers from the Heavenlies–by Dr.D.K.Olukoya

Every serious student in the school of prayer would know that satanic agents draw power from the heavens and the elements. Such powers are being used to control, oppress, intimidate, confuse and destroy men. It is therefore very important for us to learn about fighting from heaven and dealing with the heavens and elements.

We need to know how to de-program enchantments and divinations stored by the wicked inside the heavenlies. We need to wrestle our destinies out of the hands of satanic agents that minister enchantments into the sun, moon and stars.

This book will definitely change your life. You would be able to deal with stubborn and highly-effective evil spiritual powers. The greatest ‘destiny diverters’ would give way as you learn to deal with the heavenlies.


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Dr D.K Olukoya


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