Fire for Fire–Prayer Book Part 2–By Tella Olayeri


Life is full of battles. You can excel by putting on full armour of effective prayers, wisdom and mercy of God. With you in Christ is safety, for a life without Christ is in crisis. Enemies are happy when they turn life full of green pasture into wilderness.

It is time to pray enough is enough prayer against

  • Eater of flesh and drinkers of blood
  • Dream killers
  • Evil sacrifice
  • Evil gang up
  • Evil arrows
  • Star hijackers
  • Career killers and
  • Every form of wicked powers that ensnare and destroy promising destiny.

This prayer book, FIRE FOR FIRE part two is the answer. Every Christian need this two edged sword prayer book to silence satanic powers, cleanse and bring harvest to life.
It is with prayer, hands of God can be drawn down into our situations. No door is too powerful that prayers can not open or close.

Hence, this book is written to

  • Set captives free from bondage
  • Transform them from ashes to glory
  • From breakdown to breakthrough and from minimum to maximum.

This deliverance prayer book is for you!


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