Grit: Gutsy Resilient Insightful Tenacious (Roadmap to Success)–by Wole Oladiyun


Developing grit is essential for anyone who desires to succeed in life. Quite a number of people assume that being talented or skilled, or that being geniuses or intellectuals automatically guarantee that they will be successful. Can you recollect a genius in your school days who isn’t doing as good as you all thought he would back then? Attaining success is more about passion and perseverance than it is about talent and intellect. Grit is simply you have a “never give up approach” to life and living. It is you having a “hang-in-there-despite-all” attitude to plans and purposes. The story of success may begin with talent and know-how, but it is sustained by Grit. In this book, Oladiyun tells his grit story and reveals to us how guts, resilience, insight and tenacity play vital roles in attaining success. You should read it.


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