I Shall Not Remain the Same Again!–by Pastor Wole Oladiyun

Where are you in the search for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life? Are you in the rat race that leads nowhere? Or have you discovered the rat race for the futile emptiness it is? Are you yearning for the abundant life and good success God ordained for you? But are you prepared to contend for it and live your dream in a world where spiritual giants will oppose you every inch of the way? This book provides the answers. You will:  Understand the meaning of life and its purpose  Know what true success means and be assured that God destined you to succeed.  Discover the Biblical keys and secrets to success  Learn to wield the authority you have in Christ in victorious spiritual warfare. “Some people are so near to wealth, yet die in poverty. Some are so near to good health, but die in infirmity” says Pastor Wole Oladiyun in this book. “Situations arise in our fallen world where nearness becomes a bridge too far, an unreachable mountain between you and your desired end in life!” We are at war, but Christ has given us the victory. Take time again and again to walk through the Success Prayer Book. It will impact and change your whole life. Begin now to bombard the kingdom of darkness and slay the giants arrayed against your success and God’s good plan for your life.


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Wole Oladiyun

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