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MFM 2021 Annual 70 Seventy Days Prayer And Fasting Programme ENGLISH Version–by Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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A WORD FROM DR. OLUKOYA  O Thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come Psalm 65:2; King James Version We give all the glory to the Lord for what He has been doing with our annual seventy days prayer and fasting program. The Lord has used the program to ignite the fire of revival in thousands of lives, put stubborn pursuers to flight, produce prayer eagles, open chapters of prosperity for many, confuse satanic dribblers and put the enemies’ gear in reverse. Prayer is of great value in turbulent and non-turbulent situations. Prayer is a necessity not an option.  Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by PRAYER AND FASTING Matthew 17:21; King James Version Some mountains will not fall unless they are bombarded with the artillery of prayer and fasting. The weapon of prayer and fasting have been known to do wonders when other methods have failed. In addition, some breakthroughs are impossible unless there is regular, consistent, concerted, constant bombardment of prayers. The prayer points for this year’s program have been specially vomited by the Holy Ghost to bring salvation, deliverance and healing of the spirit, soul and body to God’s people. Pray them with determination, pray them with aggression, pray them with violence in your spirit, pray them with violent faith, pray them with great expectation and your life will never remain the same. The God who answereth by fire will surely answer you, in Jesus’ name. Your friend in the school of prayer, Dr. D.K. OLUKOYA HOW IT WORKS The fasting & prayer program begins August 9th 2021 and runs through October 17th, 2021, each day of the week from Monday to Sunday On Mondays and Fridays, you break your fast at 5 PM local time; every other day you break at 2 PM local time. Children participating in the program should break their fast at 12 PM local time daily.


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