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MFM Discipleship Class Manual Stage Two–by Dr. D. K. Olukoya(STRICTLY FOR MFM CHURCHES/MEMBERS ONLY)



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It has been discovered from the Scriptures that God’s method for making believers to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to posses their glorious inheritance, is through discipleship (Matt.4:19-22, Matt 11:28-30; Matt 28;18-20; Acts 4:13-14). Every child of God who will become what his heavenly Father plans for him must of necessity grow into maturity.

Enrolling in Christ’s School of character formation will help the disciple to generate the fruit of the Spirit, which is the character of Christ. The resultant effect is that Christ will occupy a central place in his heart and give meaning and purpose to his life.

To this end, God has designed the local Church for developing believers to the full measure of Christ. Since the Church will be judged by the quality of disciples that it produces rather than the size of the crowd it retains or attracts, discipleship becomes an urgent assignment that must be attended to with seriousness. With total commitment to the discipleship program, the Church will produce fundamental changes in the lives of its members and the overall life of the Church. In addition, unhealthy symptoms in the growth of both the church and its members will disappear, as the Church responds to the need to take its members through discipleship course.

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