Prayer Against Untimely Death–by Tella Olayeri

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Untimely death has caused disaster to families and nations at large. Bread winners, loved ones, and people loaded with talents often lose their lives before they know it. The agony is much if weighed on scale. It is high time we put check on wicked spirits behind such acts. It is time to say, “Thou spirit behind sudden death your cup is full, surrender and disappear from the corridor of my life.” What stories have we not heard? Kidnappers terrorize lives on a daily basis. News of disaster of different dimensions never seizes. Loss of lives as a result of motor accident is rampant. Witchcraft and wizards are finding it comfortable to kill and maim captives. The cause of untimely death is on and on, and on. Life is no longer safe, as untimely death has taken grip of society. This book stands out to give both practical and spiritual remedy to this nonsense. It builds hope against sudden death and keys to destroy terrors of life.This can be achieved through case studies, and loaded prayer points vomited by the Holy Spirit in this book.


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