Prayer To Locate Helpers And Helpers To Locate You(Helpers Part 3)–by Tella Olayeri


This is a period everyone scrambles for treasures of wealth, understanding and wisdom. In the beginning, helps plays vital role in creation and human management. It was first displayed by God, when he says, ”let us create man in his own image”. Ever since then, help has come to stay. You need to be lifted up through help. You need help from all direction of life unbargained, for your cup to runneth over. Also, you need right helper at the right time for boost. It is time you live and swim in affluence of helpers and this is what this book is all about. It is a book that engineer and attract favour of God and of men to make you stand out without been crushed. Protocols are broken for your sake while supernatural visitation finds you out. You shall exploit the earth and escape loss in the sea of life. Henceforth, you will be anointed to be ignored as everywhere shall be your land of triumph. This book, you are holding, shall provide right answer.


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