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Secrets of An Irresistible Wife–by Bisi and Yomi Adewale


SECRETS OF AN IRRESISTIBLE WIFE Do you want to become your husband’s best friend?. Do you want to become indispensable in his life? * Want a faithful husband? * Want a lasting marriage with deeper loving habits? * Want him to forsake all other women? * Want him to stay in love with you forever? YOU CAN TURN THE MOST DIFFICULT HUSBAND TO A LOVER BOY INTOXICATED WITH LOVE. The key to the heart of your husband is supposed to be in your hands. You need to be his number fan. All you need to do is to become irresistible. If you are not irresistible, you can’t win your husband to your side permanently, you may be abandoned by your husband for other women. You only need to do one thing to keep your husband to yourself forever and that is what this book is all about. Just be a master of the game of bedroom. How? Get the full gist from this book as it reveals: *How to enjoy sex continually with your husband * Facts you should know about man’s sex life * How to say no without hurting your husband * How to encourage your husband to go for foreplay * Things you must not do in the bedroom. YOU CAN’T WIN YOUR HUSBAND WITH A CLOSED PANT AND HOOKED BRA. One thing that must not be missing if you must be irresistible is that you must be good in the bedroom. You must not be a traditional woman or a religious bigot who consider sex with her husband for procreation reason only. This well-researched book consists of newest formulas that will make you and your husband inseparable. Get it now! You can expect nothing but the best from the couple known as Marriage Coach and “Mr and Mrs. Marriage” by their admirers. The President of College of Marital Success (Africa’s No.1 Marriage and Family Institute). Author of over forty books on marriage, singleness and family life. A leading voice on home-related issues worldwide and the host of the largest couples gathering program- The Lagos Couples’ Conference.


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