Skills For Effective Communication Of The Gospel Message–by Dr. Francis Udomah

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The need for the Gospel to be communicated, not just as a routine but in a most effective and result oriented manner is now. The entire world is apparently in turmoil and we face a time of unprecedented changes and disruption in the social strata of the society. As a result, an entirely new set of skills are needed to get ahead with the Gospel in such an environment. To be effective and have the desired result, we must push forward with the Gospel and communicate it in a way that will meet the changing times we are in. That is why new sets of training, skills, capabilities and insight are needed.

This book thus opens the reader, in many ways, to what are needed to be effective in the business of communicating the Gospel message. The book teaches essentials skills that are needed in a changing world, for an effective communication of the Gospel. The skills needed to succeed, have good harvest as well as the desired and expected results are contained in this book. The elements and the strategies, not only to enable you drive the Gospel Message effectively into your immediate audience but also for trans-border communications to your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost part of the world are presented and spelled out in this book. It is believed that your heavens of effective ministration of the Gospel will open as you use this book.


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