Spiritual Hospital Bible Studies Series 37, Dynamics Of Spiritual Revival–by Dr. D. K. Olukoya

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Revival has been the utmost desire of God for His people and if there is anything that the present-day Church needs it is Spiritual Revival.

The Church today has lost her spiritual favor for the things of God. We have become complacent in our dealings. The once revered Church is now a toy to be played around by the host of darkness and Satan.

A lot of things are not right in the world today because the Church refused to take her place in the spiritual realm – to control and determine what happens in the physical realm.

If we must achieve or experience any spiritual revolution in this generation, then we all need to cry to the Lord to restore us to spiritual health. Our spirit man needs to be nurtured to life so that we can have the spiritual stamina to withstand the challenge of today’s world.


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