Warfare In The Office–by Tella Olayeri

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This book addresses common phenomenon which many are battling with on daily basis. No tough time in office is little. Office serves as corridor of power and source of livelihood. You need to know what you are and who you are dealing with, as laughter from co-workers doesn’t signify love.The bible says, the hearth of men is desperately wicked. It is sad to say, office environment is a broad area of operation where many exhibit gross ignorance that leads to ugly casualties.Daily ups and downs are common scenario. This book focuses on career stability, job restoration, peace and immunity from dark powers. It gives strategies to eliminate recurrent tragedy, threats, intimidation and harassment in office. It also proffer solution needed to put situation straight.You are not meant to be a casualty in the battle of life but a champion with this book, your victory is sure. It shall teach your fingers to war and your hands to battle. The power of hope and explosive prayer points contained in this book are invaluable weapon for breaking the backbone of tough times against you.Obtain a copy now!!!!


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