100% Confessions And Prophecies To Locate Helpers and Helpers To Locate You ( Helpers Part 1)–by Tella Olayeri


What we confess with our lips become means of transportation of God’s deliverance from heaven to man’s need on earth. By our confessions we sow words that will son manifest. This is why, our confession here, is based on the living WORD.
This book is called Hundred Percent Confessions and Prophecies as all the sixty six books in the Bible are represented by at least a quotation. It is loaded with confessions and prophecy said in this book shall come to pass.
What you profess matters a lot as it will eventually affect you. Positive affirmations abort negative emotion before it can be born. The only successful way to destroy a negative emotion is to verbalise a positive statement. Learn to be positive and speak positive before your helpers.
You shall excel beyond human imaginations when God shall arise for your sake. I pray, you shall excel in your career. God bless.


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