Deliverance Prayer For Middle Born Part One–by Tella Olayeri

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Middle born children are great. They are children that can’t be pushed over or push aside. This alone makes them be in the eyes of everybody. One middle born can change the history of a nation, in the like of Judah in the bible. He affects the history of Israel and the world at large this day. As our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah!This book exposes details of how you can excel and silence enemies of your soul. This book is also loaded with acidic prayer points that will pave way for you and route out every enemy that stands on your way. The fact that you are equated to the Sea of Galilee in this book makes you acceptable wherever you go. Heaven is your limit, not sky. With prayers and counsels in this book, good doors shall open to you, lost glories shall come back, while you shall be envied of great things God shall do in your life. Just march on, you are a champion.


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