800 Deliverance Prayer For Middle Born Part Two–by Tella Olayeri

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Middle born children are fire brand everyone expects should excel in whatever he or she does. This expectation prompts the publication of the book in your hands. It is a firebrand prayer book loaded with prayer points. It addresses every area of your life to excel and be great in life. Prayers in this book will break every chain of darkness, nullify every curse and spells, silence and scatter attack of the enemy. You can go far in life if you are spiritually minded and ready to pray. This book addresses it all. The fact that you are the middle born child makes your case special. You have senior(s) before you, and junior(s) after you, you are in the middle. But then, you can’t be choked. No man or woman looks at the face of a lion once without fear in him or her. You are the lion of the family, as Judah was to Israel. You will soon find yourself at the top as did Judah. By the power in our Lord Jesus, you won’t fall by the wayside, but shall move forward by fire and be the eagle of the family. Hence, I say congratulation!


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