800 Deliverance Prayer Points For Last Born Part Two–by Tella Olayeri

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This book is written to awake the spirit of last born children of the family. It is a prayer loaded book with eight hundred prayer points that will open your eyes and make you excel in every sphere of life. Prayers in this book are spiritually vomited by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is good you know how to go about your life in prayer. It is good to subdue and bombard every problem that come your way in prayer. This is what this book stands for.As last born of the family, you are expected to be seen and heard as an exemplary child of the house. All eyes are on you to see what you can achieve in life. Mind you, you are born great with signs and wonders flowing in your vein. You must arise now and achieve BIG.Prayers in this book shall lead your steps to success and breakthroughs you never expected. The doors are open, gates are wide open, heaven is open to you as well, only you should march on and conquer.It is today, not tomorrow.


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