A-Z Why Marriages Fail And The Way Out–by John O. Goody

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A-Z Why Marriages Fail and Way Out, is a road map t marriage success written to heal sick marriages, and to overcome marriage crisis and divorce which are increasing daily. Uncountable marriages are on the opposite direction of Divine arrangement. As a result marriages end up in separation and divorce globally. Instead of being honorable, it turns out to be horrible.

The book is a thorough exposition of the causes of crisis and divorce and gives prominence to the activities and operations of satan and his loyal forces, in warring against Divine marriage order.

The book shows that marriage requires hard work and shows that couples that will experience constant peace and joy must be willing to work in every area of their relationship, especially that of building an effective marriage foundation which is the hallmark of this book.

A-Z Why Marriages Fail and Way Out is a must for all Intending Couples, Married Couples, Marriage Counsellors, Pastors and Teachers.


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