Deliverance Made Easy–By Pastor Peace Akingunsoye

It is better to teach a child how to fish than giving him a fish always, so that he can have access to it any time without being dependent on anyone. This book serves the same purpose, by teaching your hand to war and opening your eyes to basic things to be known as far as deliverance is concerned.

In this manual you will be able to discover:

What deliverance is, Wrong perception about deliverance, Types and categories of deliverance, Who needs deliverance, Dreams and their interpretations, Effects of curses/covenants and the way out, Demonic manifestations and their interpretations, Practical deliverance steps for self and others, Ways by which people are enslaved demonically, Practical deliverance cases as a guide, Over two hundred prayer points on general deliverance, curses/covenants, dreams, infirmities, spirit spouses, perversion spirit etc., and How to sustain your deliverance and remain victorious all the time.


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