Divine Re-positioning–by Dr D. K. Olukoya


Divine Re-positioning The best position for you in life is that which God has ordained for you. Due to the lack of spiritual foresight and invariably divine guidance, a lot of people do not attain the height that God has made their portion. The common thing being that, they arc either in the wrong place or and at the wrong time doing the wrong or right thing. With this book, when you do a good digestion of the first chapter, you will be able to know what is required of you to align into the divine re-positioning. You are given the six areas of life that can be re-positioned. In chapter two, you have the details on the five languages by which the re-positioning directives can be received. Once you have attained the divine position, nobody can alter that as decreed in 1 Samuel 2:19.


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Dr D.K Olukoya


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