HELP ME! I’M SINGLE: I Want To Marry–by A.I. Okpeh

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You don’t have to make the mistake that others have made in marriage. That is why this book in your hand, as a single bachelor or spinster, widow or widower thinking of marriage. It touches all areas that seem to appear common to all, speaking in very specific ways that minister to their problems. The society has a myopic view of the nature and necessity of singlehood. The believe is that if you are not married you are not complete. We have this mind-set of growing up and getting married. And when this does not happen, then something is wrong with us.

Resultantly, many single men and women have rushed headlong into marriage for the wrong reasons. Help Me, I’m Single, I Want to Marry! addresses the reasons why people make wrong choices and go into wrong marriages.  such reasons include the following:

Aging, Peer and Parental Pressure, Economic Value, Sexual and Conjugal Desires, Physical Features or infatuation, Status, Loneliness, Escape Value, Gift, Compassion and Pity, Tribal and Cultural Inclination, Knowing the Will of God.

11 Reasons why you can miss it and 1 reason why you cannot miss it.



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