HELP ME! I’M SINGLE: Whom Should I Marry?–by A.I Okpeh

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Many single men and women rush into marriage ill-prepared without having had a proper understanding of marriage. This is one of the reasons why marriages breakdown. Today, many marriages are in trouble. Tears have replaced joy. The pain of neglect has become traumatic. Bitterness and unforgiveness are on everyday occurrence. Misunderstanding has turned husbands  and wives into wild strangers at home. Why? Because, while single, they did not answer the question “Whom Should I Marry?” So, like people stumbling in a dark alley, they stumbled into each other and into marriage unprepared for what they met. this book,Whom Should I Marry? Will help you understand what marriage is, who you are, who you should marry and how to identify the right partner at the right time. You will also learn, — The relationship between your gift, talent and the marriage you want. The value of education with the marriage you want. Labor and productivity before marriage. Putting love and relationship in its proper mould before you marry. rightly assessing the utility, importance and misconception of sex in the global society and human relationship and more.



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