HELP ME! I’M SINGLE: I Want To Make Up My Mind–by A.I. Okpeh

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Many Christians live in the shadow area of their souls . They live by what they want, think and feel, regarding the issue of decision-making and right choices. So spiritually, they languish in the valley of decision. Their reluctance to act decisively has weakened their resolve and strength of character.

Tragically, the decision-making dilemma has affected many young people who want to marry as they drift into the most vital aspect of human relationships. The price for indecision can be emotional wounds that may never heal. That is what this booklet addresses including, of course:  Why people find it difficult to make up their minds. The consequences of an undecided decision. How you can make right decision that will give you right choices. How you can make be delivered from an undecided life. If you are discontented and dissatisfied with your life as a single because of indecision, then this is a book you must read!


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