My Well of Honey Shall Not Dry–by Tella Olayeri

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This book is an eye opener to those willing to excel in whatever they do. It is disheartening to hear complains when ashes can turn to gold, where air can be sold, and Arabs buy sands! What people call waste can turn to gold in your hand. This book tells how we turn waste to wealth. It is time we master and command our environment for good. The hands are on deck. Let’s discover, develop and protect the honey in us. To some home it is academics, to some business, to some civil service, to some work of God. Whatever brings satisfaction is your well of honey. It is what you keep vigil to protect. Your honey speaks for you wherever you go. It makes people recognize you. You must not do away with honey God bestows on you. Start new honey today with this book. You can’t afford to miss the honey book in your hand.


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