Raising Godly Children–by Faith A. Oyedepo

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The best parent is not one who leaves money, houses, clothes, cars and other possessions behind for children but one who insures their future through thoughtful, careful and impactful nurturance. Wealth may create a future but character insures it.

God’s purpose for procreation is not so much in filling up the earth as it is in grooming generations of people with Godly and noble hearts.

A child is like plasticine– soft, pliable and moldable. He must be molded skillfully and tenderly to become a battle axe in the hand of God.

In this age of rebellion, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo empowers parents with sound parenting skills covering children of all ages. Her vision is to see her world rid of avoidable heartaches, regrets and frustrations accompanying parenthood. This book will help parents to see:

That children do have spiritual, emotional and physical needs which must be satisfied.

How to understand the personality differences in children .

How to minister to rebellious children.

How to understand teenagers and their peculiar eccentricities.


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