Parenting Baby From the Womb–by Bisi and Yomi Adewale

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The possibility of parenting a child from the womb is a truth that is not known to many parents. However, it is a truth of the scripture. The destiny of a child can be destroyed or blessed from the womb. That is why this rare book is written to open your understanding to these hidden facts:

  • Pre-pregnancy ministration to your baby and yourself.
  • Fact to know about baby in the womb
  • Strategies and prayer for Christ-formation in unborn babies
  • Rooting your baby in Christ from the womb
  • Touching all the system of the body of your baby
  • Developing positive emotions in the unborn baby
  • Ministering to the future of the unborn baby
  • Ministering to your child health from the womb 
  • Ministering to relationship and friendship of the unborn baby
  • Delivering your baby from family and generation curses
  • Stressless child-rearing
  • Areas to touch in prayer in the life of your baby
  • Prayer for your baby boy and girl, among others


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