Parenting By Fire–by Bisi and Yomi Adewale

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This Book PARENTING BY FIRE is a book written to teach parents about how to deliver their children from any satanic affliction on their knees. The power contending with destines of your children is not the one that can be conquered with grammar, complains, pleading or by sending the children to the best University. The power can only be conquered by the higher power of God which parents needs to activate through prayers on their knees.

Yes, the life of your children needs PRAYER urgently and it must be fervent and continuous, we must declare operation FIRE FOR FIRE against the enemies of our children. This book will teach you how to invoke the anger of God upon the enemies of your children by engaging His divine power through aggressive prayer work. It consist the following:

  • 26 Strategic ways to pray for your children
  • War against the spirit of error
  • War against destiny wasters
  • War against spirit of strange children
  • War against the spirit of ultimate death
  • War against forces of delay
  • Victory over the spirit of failure
  • Victory over the spirit of sin
  • Disconnecting your children from wrong association
  • Breaking curses and evil covenant
  • Breaking evil pattern in the lives of your children
  • War against the spirit of stagnation in the lives of your children 


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