Parenting Grade Schooler–by Yomi and Bisi Adewale


One important and critical time in the life of a child is the season he enters a grade school moving away from Nursery school.

This is the period the child begins to have real contact with the outside world through interaction with peers and teachers in school. This interaction goes deep to influence his life.

That is why this book is written to educate parents on how to understand their children at grade school level and how to overcome problems that arise from parenting this set of people.

This book covers:

  • Mistakes parents make with Grade schoolers
  • Developmental milestones of Grade schoolers
  • How to lead your child to Christ
  • Sex education for Grade schoolers
  • Problem parents face with Grade schoolers.

This book is a worthy companion in parenting. Order now.

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Learn how to raise Triple G children (Godly, Great and Good children) from this book that also reveals:

  • Things you must tell your Grade schoolers
  • Challenges Grade schoolers face
  • Understanding semi-total parenting style
  • How to prepare your Grade Schoolers to become a productive adult child, among others.


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