Parenting Pre-Teens–by Bisi and Yomi Adewale

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How you raise a preteen will determine the kind of teenager you will have in your child. That is why this book is written to teach parents how to train and raise Preteens who will become enviable teenagers tomorrow.

A Preteen is a child between the age of 9 and 12 years. They are otherwise known as ”dual children” because of the attributes of children and teenagers in them. This makes their training challenging because parents may want to commit responsibility of teenagers into their hands and they may disappoint at times.

Parents will want to treat them as children and they will resist.

This book will help you on how to raise these ”dual children” as it reveals:

  • Mistakes parents make with preteen children
  • Success-in-life training for your child
  • Top twelve rules for raising preteen
  • Sex education for preteens
  • Problems parents face with preteens
  • Challenges preteens face.


Don’t toy with the destiny of your child, order for this book now! Want to know more? Yes, you deserve to know more.

This book also covers:

  • 32 things you must tell your preteen about sex.
  • Dealing with low self esteem
  • How to prepare yourself for your child’s teenage years.
  • How to prepare your child for teenage years.
  • What to teach your preteen and lots more.


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