Sex Education For Children–by Bisi Adewale

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Let me start by sharing this very pathetic story with you. The story is from my book titled, PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE.
My Parents decided that my Lesson teacher should teach me in my bedroom. I was young but looked bigger than my peers with a very beautiful face, big hips, though no breast.
While teaching me, my teacher would place his hand on my laps and always told me that I was beautiful. He repeatedly bought gifts for me on a daily basis.
I was totally surprised when he kissed me, but I like it because I had seen people kissing on TV. Within two weeks the abuse started, lesson stopped, hugging, kissing and sex twice every week and my Parents were paying him for it. They were so clueless about what was happening. Were my parents blind?
My grade was the worst in the Class my Parents had to sack him, I wept for days when he was sacked. Now a grown up and totally lost in the world of drug, sexual immorality, and crime, curse be Mr. Jake that destroyed my innocence at 9.
About 50 pathetic stories like this were shared in our Previous book titled PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE. These real-life stories illustrate the facts that Child Sexual abuse is as real as the mark on our Palms, so we need to do something, we need to educate our Children about Sexual abuses.
Lots of Parents are now aware of the need to educate their Children about sex and Sexuality because of the menace of Sexual Predators lurking around our Schools and Homes.
The questions of all Parents have always been what shall we teach them? which book are we going to use to teach them? It is almost impossible to give a Child adequate sex education without a Teaching Manual. We can’t afford to do it just anyhow. That is why I put together this unique manual for the use of Parents, Teachers, Children Workers etc.
There are several areas to touch practically as we teach our Children so as to protect them from Predators lurking around, they are all made available in this training manual.
Note that there are other volumes of this book for PRETEENS (Age 8-12) AND TEENS (Age 13-19) While the one you are holding is for Children from 2-7 years of age.


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