Sex Terrorists And Immoralities Part 1–by Tella Olayeri

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Sex terrorist and immoralities. There is sex violence everywhere and every time. Sex terrorists fly their flags unabated with mad satanic rush for sexual scandals. They apply high power luring techniques and satanic networks to catch victims who fell into it and live to regret their actions. Sex terrorists are immoral mathematicians, crafty and powerful with persuasive word to seduce the lead ladies astray. Women and girls are hardly hit by this plague. They are targets any time sex violence is carried out as they are either beaten, tortured or raped by faceless men. The fact is, men are not only to blamed, as most sex violence are traced to women and girls, whose behavior, actions, ways of dress, time of walk, sex they mix with etc need to be clinically examined. There is rise in sexual abuse indices. Parent, guardians, women and girls are worried over these mad dogs and sex cabals. Something must be done, right steps must be taken. By who? This book gives through education and guide on how women, girls and everyone at large can be armed with weapons of freedom of escape from the hook of sex terrorists. It is high time for liberation from sex abuse.


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