Shake Heaven With Praises–by Tella Olayeri

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This book shall serve as a tower of strength that links with heaven. Those who trade with heaven in praises grow rich. By pouring out our soul to God in praises, heaven opens to make us closer to Him. With better appreciation of God’s character and works, we find our souls responding to joy, peace and open heaven.This book is loaded with praises of God in his names in thousands!The riches of God’s names are inexhaustible. The names of God shine still bright. We praise His names and titles, to reveal the might and majesty of Him who is greater than the greatest and mightier than he mightiest.This book teaches us how to praise God and reap bountifully in praises. We wrestle not only in prayer but in praises in order to beat enemies flat and posse our possessions. Thus, with this book, you will obtain comfort and courage to find a new desire and boldness to withstand Him to all mankind.No book may teach you better praise than this book. Purchase your copy now.


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