Symptoms of the Caged Soul(English/French)–by Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Symptoms of the Caged Soul
The body of man is world-conscious. It is through it that human beings relate with each other. The soul of a man is the seat of his intellect, will and emotions; it is self-conscious. It is through the soul that a man knows that he is bold, weak, strong, intelligent and that he is different from any other person. This soul can be caged to the detriment of man. Read and find out!


Le corps de l’homme est conscient du monde. C’est par cela que les gens se rapprochent les uns des autres.
L’âme d’un homme est la place de son intellect et des émotions; elle est consciente d’elle même. C’est par l’âme qu’un homme sait qu’il est courageux, faible, fort, intelligent et qu’il est différent d’une autre personne.


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Dr D.K Olukoya


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