The Heart of the Bible: Explore the Power of Key Bible Passages-by John F. MacArthur

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John Macarthur’s collection of the Bible verses that every Christian needs to know.

All of Scripture is important and meaningful, but there are certain passages that are most helpful for becoming grounded in God’s truth. In The Heart of the Bible, Pastor John MacArthur shares a selection of verses that he believes are most significant—the ones he considers the heart of the Bible.

Written in a devotional style, each verse is followed by John MacArthur’s thoughts and comments, giving you a deeper understanding of the passages and their importance to Christians. The verses focus on the nature of the Bible, God, salvation, and discipleship, and are categorized topically.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Knowing and trusting our great God
  • What happened at the cross
  • Accepting God’s salvation
  • Living worthy of our calling
  • What it means to follow Jesus

These treasured pieces of Scripture are not just meant to be read—they’re meant to be savored, repeated, and meditated on. Open your heart to God’s Word and you will be transformed.

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