The Lost Secrets of the Church–by Dr.D.K. Olukoya

The fire of the early church can no longer be found in the present day church. Christians of the early Church moved in greater power unlike nowadays when the words of many believers carry no fire. Due to this lack of power in this present day church, many believers are confused. They cannot even tell the genuine from the fake. Unfortunately, the children of darkness learn the workings of heaven and use them against the children of light, who are supposed to know better.
Indeed the early church must have some secrets, which gave them the edge and the upper hand over the powers of darkness.

With a view to solving this debacle, which the present day church has found itself, the Holy Spirit through the writer has revealed these lost secrets of the church.

This is a must read for anyone who desires to be a firebrand and also operate constantly in power as of old.


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Dr D.K Olukoya


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