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In Christianity, there is no room for divorce. Marriage is God’s idea, and not man’s idea. When it works, it is the most beautiful thing to behold. However, there are powers assigned to make sure it doesn’t work for many families on earth. Therefore, you must protect your marriage against all Marriage Killers.

Marriage killers are these powers. They are enemies of holy unions. They are the powers and principalities directed by the demonic kingdom to attack good marriages and Christian homes. They manifest themselves in a vast array of ways. Their end game is to cause divorce, emotional distress, the derailment of destinies of children born into this world, death and eternal damnation.

Get ready to:

  • Counter the enemy of your happy home in order to enjoy marital bliss and rest.
  • Gain mastery over marriage breakers and enhance the intimacy between you and your spouse.
  • Secure your home from unwanted evil marauders interfering with the peace and harmony of your home through aggressive fire prayers
  • Declare war against and defeat spiritual husbands, spiritual wives, spiritual parents, ancestral spirits, and spiritual children.
  • Break marital curses, yokes of unfruitfulness, infirmity, manipulation, generational evil family pattern, and evil covenant behind marital crises.
  • Deal with demonic soul ties, break marital spells, yokes of barrenness, yokes of premature death of a spouse, yokes of backwardness, and yokes of rising. and falling, disappointments, rejections, evil labels, evil marks, and barriers that hinder prosperity.

Winning the War Against Marriage Killers will open your eyes to see the level of satanic conspiracy and wickedness against your home and what to do to dispel them and return your home to what God originally made it be.

Pastor Ladejola Abiodun is a prolific writer and a renowned New Testament Deliverance Researcher and Expert on Advanced Spiritual Warfare, Breaking of Generational & Ancestral Curses, Spells, Yokes & Cleansing & Redeeming of Polluted Family Bloodlines.

He is the author of Prayers that Bulldoze Stubborn Problems, What to Do When Your Battle Is from Home, Victory Over Delays in Life, Deliverance from the Spirit of Reproach, and more than 50 other books on victorious Christian living.

The prayers contained in Winning the War Against Marriage Killers will give you uncommon victory over every battle in your marriage. Get a copy now.


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