WAR AGAINST SILENT KILLER–by Pastor(Dr.) Francis Oladele

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To be sound in good health one must be grounded in the art of spiritual warfare, strategic prayers and have spirit of discernment. The tool to be used to study the art of warfare is what WAR AGAINST SILENT KILLER STANDS FOR. It is very comprehensive in touching every area of life, and teaching of the technical details one will need to enjoy good health. It is a book every Christian Counselor, Pastor, Deliverance Minister and researchers should have to give both foundation and consolidation of the knowledge required to operate above the realm of medications.

Also in the operation as a Pastor, Counselor and Deliverance Minister, the book touches fundamentals of Christian counseling and need for pre-counseling deliverance and uses of spiritual weapons.  This is very important in the life of a Counselor or a client so that he or she will not derail. It also points out the areas of bounds which a disciplined Christian should not breach. One  can then see that the book serves the purposes of operational guidelines to long life and as a tool of counseling to counselors. You will then agree with me that it is a book every Christian counselor/deliverance minister should have and cherish. Through this book God will empower you in the art, science and technology of strategic prayer and spiritual warfare.


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