Where Is The Lord God Of My Destiny?: Prayers For Quick Action–by Pastor Michael Ekone

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Where Is The Lord God Of My Destiny is a special prayer book packaged by the Holy Spirit to solve destiny problems. When you pray and ask God to show forth Himself, you are asking the Almighty to showcase His glory, power and honor. You are asking God to fight your battles and enthrone you. You are also asking God to arise and disgrace your Goliath.

When you pray saying; where is the Lord God of my destiny, you are praying for repeat performance of what God did in the days of Jesus Christ. You are asking God to show His power as in the days of old. taking such prayer points concerning your destiny will give you awesome results. The moment you ask the Lord God of your destiny to show up and manifest His powers, God will arise up as a Man of war and prove to the whole world that He is, indeed, the Lord of god of your destiny. This book and prayers will open a door of divine revelations and upliftment for you.


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