8 Desperate Needs Of Your Husband–by Bisi Adewale

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Lots of marriages are terrible; many people worldwide are really facing trying times in their marriages. They cry day and night, not knowing what really went wrong in their marriages.
Some people blame ill-luck, some blame Satan while some blame in-laws for their predicament. The truth is, what is missing is not being acknowledged.
A bad marriage involves the failure to perform responsibilities. A good marriage is about performing roles and responsibilities, but a great marriage is about meeting needs.
Peace, joy, and fulfilment normally reign in every marriage where needs are being met by the people involved.
In most marriages, people know their roles and responsibilities, but they are not aware that there are needs to be met.
There are eight desperate needs of your husband that you must meet if you want an over-the-top marriage.
To become the darling of your husband, you must know how to meet his major needs. You can’t win a man whose needs you don’t know let alone meeting them.
This book will open your eyes to your husband’s needs and teach you how to meet them


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