How to Win Your Husband’s Love and Attention–by Bisi Adewale

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One of the major needs of a wife is need for attention. No woman will be ready to exchange this for anything. In fact, it is like a curse of Eve on women folks.
“Unto the woman He (God) said,……… And thy desire will be to thy husband,
and he will rule over thee”. Genesis 3:16
Every wife desires the attention of her husband but few women are so luckily to have it, many women (like Mrs. Dike) are dying daily to win the attention of their husbands. Many are even fighting wrongly to get this elusive attention many are using nagging, strife, fighting strike action, sexual denial, etc which makes their cases worse as this pushes the man out of the house the more.
For women like Mrs. Dike who have to win and keep attention of their husbands, for wives who desire to be a principle influence in the life of their husbands, for wives who want their husbands to fall in love with them and becomes their lover boy, this wonderful book will teach you simple things to do to get just that.


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