8 Desperate Needs Of Your Wife Paperback–by Bisi Adewale

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A good marriage involves two people performing their roles in the home but a great marriage involves two people not only performing their roles and responsibilities but also, meeting the needs of each other. When needs are met, marriage becomes a place of joy and rest. Every woman has her needs in marriage. Most of the time, their needs are not being met because most men are unaware of these needs. Some men erroneously believe that the only thing a woman wants is money, this is not true. A woman whose needs are not met can live in anger, low self-esteem, hurt or even fear. Most married women involved in affairs fell into the hands of men who preyed on them because their husbands were not meeting their needs at home, and some men will pretend to be meeting these needs. Meeting these desperate needs of your wife should be your mission, but getting to know these needs and how to meet them is the first point of call. This book will open your eyes to those 8 desperate needs of every modern wife and will suggest how to meet them.


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