Practical Ways to Build A Romantic Marriage–by Bisi Adewale

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A lifelong relationship, especially marriage, starts with friendship. It develops into a deep love affair, culminates in a colourful wedding and then a honeymoon. After which, they regress into a “normal life”. Friendship fades, thoughtful and positive actions diminish or even cease in extremes. Attention is withdrawn, thereby leading to a monotonous marriage. Decline, separation and divorce are the final signposts that mark a plagued marriage.

Most couples seek to build good and peaceful marriages. Good and Peaceful marriages can be very dangerous if it is not romantic. Building a good and peaceful marriage is sitting down on the edge. It can break anytime, any day. A romantic marriage that is based on friendship, love, companionship, and relationship is the real deal. The question you’ve been asking is, How do I build a Romantic Marriage?

This book is written to answer your Questions, it’s will teach you how to make your marriage very hot in romance and intimacy, YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ A BOOK THAT WILL TURN YOUR MARRIAGE AROUND FOREVER

The Book contains:
— Practical ways to talk to your spouse romantically
— How to remove Monotony from your Monogamous Marriage
— 26 practical ways to express love in your marriage.
— 27 ways to edify your spouse.
— How to handle your expectations in Marriage
— How to build friendship in marriage
— How to create a sense of humor in Marriage
— How to supercharge your marriage with hugs
— Wonders of dancing with your spouse
— How to add sparks to your marriage through touching
— How to make extraordinary sex happens in your marriage and lots more.


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