The Power of Love–by Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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You are given the details of what love is. Once you are able to assimilate fully and practice what love is,you will have a smooth ride in your existence in life.

As stated in 1 Corinthians 13 vs 13 “Abideth faith,hope, love these three but the greatest of these is love “. If only we can comply with the message of John the Baptist “Children love one another”. The world we live in could have been a better place than what we have now. Why?  God is love . That is Agape love imparted by the spirit of the living God. If you love one another, you are showing the traits of God in you.

For you to do a self assessment as to whether you have Agape love, nine characteristic features to look out for are contained in chapter two. Chapter three has the golden rule of, speak evil of no man. You are also given ten lapses and flaws that are consequences of verbal diarrhea. If you can comply with the guidelines contained in chapter four, by applying all the seven spiritual padlocks listed there,you will have an improved relationship with your spouse,family,friends and relations.

As Ahab and Elijah went into a war of words 1 Kings 18:17-20, so will your utterances be guided by the Holy Spirit when you practice what is contained in chapter five of this book.


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